Another Linux-awesomeness Experience

It was an occasional day at the offfice. A group of developers left out their uniform modern cubicles for a timely midday consumption of food. It was a typical setup and a normal day until a tragedy befell one as they returned. A blue tinted display showed a menacing aura, but developers are aware of such a rare thing. The developer is still calm, waiting for the progress in percentage be complete. A peril that guaranteed yet unwanted. A demise no developer can surmise. The blue tinted screen of fright turned into a black screen of nightmare with a short greeting of “Unable to boot”.

When hardware fails, the developers panic.

What to do when you, a developer, loses your companion? Good thing that you stilo have a smaller and powerful magical rock of a device called smartphone.

We all have seen recently that there are students who code using their smartphones. There are also fellow game developers in the löve discord community who went to great lengths to make their developer experience good in the mobile context.

Not surprisingly, setting up a Linux focused environment on mobile is very easy thanks to the wonderful people that made Termux.

As a Linux (I USE ARCH BTW) and terminal developer, I find it very amusing and convenient for this app to exist. It has its own package manager, key shortcuts for ESC (I USE VIM BTW), and so on.

I manage to setup my neovim config in a breeze.

Though I found out that my zsh setup is not that easy to re-setup since apparently there is a limitation with zsh (or prezto) with the way Termux is setup. But what is a minor thing compared to not being able to code and work because there is no VSCode for mobile (yes I am aware of the web based version of vscode blah blah)

This blog post was written using mobile -> termux -> tmux -> neovim