Brandon Blanker Lim-it

Self-taught programmer. Currently in love with löve. I Make my own stuffs.

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GitHub repositories that I've built.

A fixed and updated repo of LOVEDEBUG
Lovely-Windows is a simple Window/Screen Manager for Love2D
Get Syntax Highlighting for LOVE API in ZeroBrane Studio
Equation of the Line - Distance - Slope
RR is a module that simplifies and automates the requiring process of lua or Love2D
This repo contains source codes for our java class exercises
Java 1 0
This repo contains many useful lua code snippets
My entry for the #superfanjam
secretlove is a lua module/library for converting strings into secret codes!
My very first libGDX project in compliance for my university Java OOP course.
Java 0 0
Simple Event Handler for löve (löve + anniversary)
löve template + luapreprocess
Love to the Rescue!
This is a repo containing terminal games made with Java for my school project
Java 0 0

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Topics that I want to learn more about.